How is your teakwood quality?

We use Indian Best & Seasoned Teakwood for our products.

Teakwood is known for its shine, patterns, veins, longevity and weather resistance. It is one of the luxurious woods, hence sometimes you may find our product to be costlier than rosewood products and local wood products.

For your best of satisfaction, we will be happy to have your esteemed visit to our showroom & workshops to check the finest quality of Indian Teakwood.

Can i pay 30% advance instead of 50%?

Kindly note that we have simple payment policy for individual products, we require 50% advance and rest 50% before dispatch.
Sometimes Our company respects your request (for bulk & large orders), in those cases, we require 30% advance, 40% on work in progress pictures, rest 30% on completion before dispatch. Bulk & large orders are where total order volume is more than US$50,000.

I like your Maharaja swing designs and wish to come and buy the swings at your showroom myself?

We are grateful for your liking our swings. Kindly note that it takes 6 to 8 weeks to manufacture a Maharaja Style Swing. So by the time our artists make 5 swings, we already have 10 order waiting for confirmation about those swings. So in essence we have more demand than production.

So most of the time, we DO NOT have these swings ready available at display at showroom.

If you visit during dispatches, we have these swings ready available for short period of time during its assembling and packaging before dispatch.

Kindly let us know by prior email and we will halt dispatching of a Maharaja Swing to show you the quality and carving. We are sorry for your disappointment if you do not prior email and we do not have any Maharaja Swing to show you.

Are there any minimum order quanities?

No, There are no minimum order quanitity.
If you wish you can order just one piece. Almost all the times, we can easily make Individual pieces.

In very few items, It is not possible to make Single, Individual Pieces or Samples due to prohibitive costs of productions or too much shipping costs. In those cases we suggest a minimum order quantity to customers. It not only saves the money on each product but also on shipping charges. It is very rare and uncommon that we suggest minimum order quantity..

Do you take payments through credit cards?

Yes, We can. if only you are visiting our showroom personally. The card owner must be present with us.

We DO NOT take payments through online credit cards.

All other orders are received by Bank Transfers.

If you are an Indian Customer you can transfer payment by Cheque, DD, Cash Deposits or NEFT and RTGS.

If you are a Customer from Abroad or NRI, you can always transfer payments through WIRE Transfer or NEFT and RTGS.

Do you have a showroom where i can come and pickup the pieces myself? or Are you just an online store?

YES, we have a 10 years old reputed art business and showroom at Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. You are welcome to visit us. We have hundreds of art pieces & furniture to select from.

No, We do not sell online, we do not take payment online by any means, NO CREDIT CARDS, NO PAYPAL.

Our website is a online catalog of exclusive and beautiful art pieces we manufacture. The prices are mentioned for your kind consideration, so you can decide on products before sending an enquiry email.

Kindly note that website hosts more than 14,000 art products pictures. We DO NOT have all those art pieces ready, specially the bulky swings and Jumbo size doors. all those pieces are made to order.

How will i get updates of my order?

We have online system for `order status` and other information. you will be provided a `order-id` which you can use to check the updates regularly. Every order is updated with work in progress pictures duly on time. We always send work in progress pictures to all clients for best of their satisfaction.

What is standard time for delivery?

It depends on product to product, and project to project.

Usually it is 3 to 4 weeks of manufacturing for individual products. 8 to 12-16 weeks for projects with multiple products.

Plus +

  1. In India surface/road transportation time for goods is 2 to 10 days maximum, depending on the distance from Udaipur, Rajasthan.
  2. For overseas clients, standard sea shipping time is 6 to 8 weeks. Standard Air shipping time is 7 to 10 days.

How do you calculate total day of delivery?

We maintain a scheduling process for manufacturing. All orders are started manufacturing as per their order confirmation date. Total days for delivery is calculated by adding  number of days for manufacturing & dispatch, plus, the days required for shipping.

Kindly note that the order start date is ‘Date when order is confirmed by paying / realization of 50%  order amount advance in our bank account.’. It is not the date when client started enquiring the product or communication. All scheduled manufacturing will start after order confirmation.

We will always specify to you in advance total days required for order completion & delivery.

What type of product information and details is available?

We provide all information & details of each product on website and email.
  1. Product dimension.
  2. Dimension includes ( Height, Width, Length, Breadth, Thickness etc. whichever applicable & needed).
  3. Material used in manufacturing.
  4. Product Prices.
  5. Multiple sizes options and respective prices.
  6. Multiple material options and respective prices.
  7. Surface Finishes and polishes available.
  8. Shipping cost by sea and air (on request).

Can you customize the door sizes?

Yes, we can make doors in any sizes you want. Customizations are always easily possible.

I got the reply email but products details are missing?

Sometimes due to technical or Network reasons it is possible that the product information and details are missing at the website or email. Kindly email us the product section & code and we will be happy to send you all details.

Why is my order delayed?

There will be no delays in most of the common orders. But sometimes there are delaying events which are beyond our control which makes the order completion and dispatches a little delayed.

Normal reasons for delays are, strikes, Bands, heavy rains ,  festivals, sudden unavailability of materials or artists.

Do you get fumigation done for Australian orders?

Yes, We have done several products/projects for Australia. We get done fumigation for all products being shipped to Australia and New Zealand. All necessary documents and fumigation certificate will be provided.

Give me more information about product Insurance and charges?

All products are 100% insured before dispatch. The normal charges are 1% of the invoice value.

Kindly note that getting Insurance cover is subjective to Insurance companies decision. we have no control over their decision to provide insurance cover or refuse. Few times Insurance companies hesitant to insure highly fragile looking products.

What is the packing charges?

We do get Export quality packing done with all the consignments. The usual charges are 2% of the invoice value.

What are your payment terms?

The company policy is easy and standard.

  1. 50% order amount as advance on order confirmation.
  2. Rest 50% on order completion.
  3. Kindly note that 100% amount must be transferred before the dispatch.

How to confirm a order?

There are two simple steps.

we will send you Performa invoice for your product and Bank transfer details.

  1. you are requested to send us a confirmation email.
  2. Transfer 50% amount in our company bank account.

Will you please send me drawings to approve?

Yes, for all confirmed orders for custom products, we can email drawings or illustrations if required. For standard products we can always provide you multiple pictures of same product with different angles.

Kindly note that drawings are part of the manufacturing process for the custom products. Hence we can not start working on unconfirmed orders. For your kind consideration we can duly email you ready pictures of products/projects we did in past. Pictures will be of similar products or artwork you require.

Can i request more pictures of the product?

Yes please, we will be happy to send you more pictures of the product with different angles. These pictures are only sent to customers on demand. Kindly send an email to get the pictures.

UPDATE: There are lots of products which were made at the time when digital camera and camera phones were not present. so we do not have more pictures of those products. In those cases we can send more pictures of similar products or similar art works for your kind consideration.

Give me more information on Indian custom clearance?

Every country has a robust custom process which takes some time.

Customers or Exporters can not do anything to make it faster. Customers need not do any thing, it is a systematic departmental process. Customers are just requested to wait.

It is shipping agents duty to get the consignment inspected and all the NOC issued from respective department. It is applicable to all consignments, irrespective of size and value.

In India, all consignments must be custom cleared before shipping. There are plenty of documentation, inspections and checks. For example, occasionally It may need NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Archeology Department in case of stone/marble statuary or NOC from Environment Department in case of wooden products. It may need Fumigation certificates, X-ray examinations of boxes etc.

There are plenty of other documents required as well. Custom clearance is a smooth and mandatory process which does not require any action from Customers.

Usually it takes 5 to 7 days to get all the clearance. But sometimes when there are holidays, weekends, festivities or the workload is more on custom departments, it may take anywhere between 10 to 15 days.

Kindly also note that Indian custom uses Intelligent software. It analyses the product description in Invoices. It occasionally selects the consignment for custom inspection. The system also Randomly selects any consignments for custom inspections.

All the above activities takes time to clear. It will impact/increase the shipping time of the consignment.

Kindly note that sea shipping times mentioned elsewhere on our website is only for idea, it may vary by 1 to 3 weeks.

UPDATE-1: All the shipping documents and official custom cleared documents/invoices are available once the consignment clears the customs. Hence the document time is as well depends on the above process.

UPDATE-2:The size of consignment is irrelevant, Indian custom department can inspect the whole truck size containers or may be a single wooden box as per their requirements.