Why dont you publish the prices on website?

Because the prices keep changing all the time, we cannot publish item prices on website.

Please note we primarily take interior projects of whole home, villas and hotels, the products listed on the website is for the selection for that purpose. Costings for a large project is considerably lower than making and selling individual product.

We do sell individual products but the cost is calculated at the time of order placement. Most of the products listed on website are exclusive and made to order.

The prices are calculated at the time of inquiry keeping in account the availability of marbles and Teakwood and also availability of our artists because sometimes projects require our artists to work at our clients sites in India and overseas.

is the products delivered to my door steps?

Yes, for all air shipments the consignments will be delivered to your door steps.

No, for the shipments sent through sea shipping mode.

what type of marble do you use?

We use natural white marble which is available a plenty here at our city, we also use green marble, pink marble and other variations to these colors.

what type of wood do you use?

We use Teakwood for all luxurious products and normal ordinary woods like sheesham (rosewood), mango, neem and babool etc. for normal products.

How Much is normal shipping charges to USA?

It is $300 to $400 for first product, when you add more products to it, the shipping goes considerably down. the customer is required to pay another $300 to $400 at his city custom warehouse.

Can i order just single piece?

Yes, but usually the shipping will be expensive. The products we sell are heavy and volumetric in nature, so air shipping is usually very expensive for them. The alternative is sea shipping, but again sea shipping is suitable for big and commercial consignments.

In general if you plan to buy one piece the shipping charges are going to be high.

Do you ship to USA?

Yes, We deliver our products to USA and almost worldwide.

Why i am not getting reply from your company?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

There are few possibilities.

  1. E-mail communication is not 100% reliable, we had sent the email but your email system puts our email in Spam or junk folder. so please check your spam or junk folder you may find our email.
  2. Sometimes the email id looks like automated enquiries and those enquiries are sent to spam folder by gmail. so if we missed your enquiry and dont know about it then we cant reply to it.
  3. often people do make slight mistakes in typing their own email addresses and we do not have their correct email address, so we can not reply to them.
  4. If for unknown reasons that you did not get our reply emails, It is a good idea to make telephone calls to get an instant answers, our numbers are listed on website and the lines are pretty free most of the time. please make sure you only call between India time 10 am to 7 pm.
  5. Thanks for understanding.